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Who are we?

W Academy is a financial school for children.

Why are we here?

W Academy was started by a group of friends from the Faculty of Finance. who see that financial literacy is really important for everyone No matter what profession they graduated from, what age they are, they all depend on financial knowledge in order to build on their wealth.

W Academy was established to be a part of pushing the financial literacy seriously.

and moreover We believe that financial literacy should be properly cultivated from childhood.

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What do we do?

W Academy focuses on teaching that understands the nature of children.

through "Play-based Learning" for children to show their potential through hands-on More than just memorizing in a normal classroom.

Children will also learn through case studies from real-life examples. and have tried to apply it to their own case to ensure that After graduating from that Children will be able to use it in practice.

Where do we want to go?

In the end, we, the W Academy team, do not want to see the growth of just the children who come to study with us. But we have strong intentions. to push the subject "financial knowledge" has been included in

Thailand education course

because we see that the problem of financial knowledge It's a big problem at the national level. or world class that has it all

And if the children have learned correctly and put it into practice Our small starting point can help turn around Thailand's major financial problems right now. both debt problems Savings and investment problems can definitely come back to hope again!

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