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Next Class : FEB 27

Basic investment course for children aged 12-15.  year

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The word 'investment' may sound intense and serious, but the Investment Playground course focuses on immersion through game activities and simulations. It was designed jointly by educational experts. and professional investors

teaching style
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Study in a workshop format  through the implementation of game activities and simulation

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Inside the classroom size approx.  3O  person

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Led by one expert teacher

and at least an assistant teacher  1 person per 5 students

1. Why invest?
  • 4 financial principles
  • Definition of Investment
  • investment purpose
  • Types of investments you should know
learning topic
2. Investing in Debt Securities
  • Definition of Debt and Debt
  • mechanism of action of debt instruments
  • Forms of Return and Risk
  • from investing in bonds
3. Real Estate Investment
  • definition of real estate
  • Examples of real estate you should know
  • Factors Affecting Real Estate Value
  • Forms of Return and Risk
  • from investing in real estate
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4. Investing in stocks
  • Meaning and principles of stocks
  • Forms of Return and Risk from Investing in Stocks
  • Stock Exchange and Stock Trading Principles
  • Examples of stocks that you are interested in
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5. Funds and collectibles are valuable.
  • Definition and Principles of Funds
  • Return and Risk of Investment
  • Types of collectibles that can be invested
  • Pros and cons of investing in collectibles
6. Summary of important investment principles
  • investment allocation
  • diversification
  • acceptable risk level
  • duration of investment


1 day workshop  

9.O.O.  - 16.3O  n.

  • FEB 27

  • APR 23

  • May 22

next round date


The Knowledge Exchange: KX

BTS Krungthonburi

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Private Group

Parents can group at least 12.  people to arrange private classes on the desired date and time. You can contact us via Facebook Messenger or  Our Line Official Account

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