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Finance course for children aged 11-14  year

Part A and Part B

Next Class : FEB 5, 6

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The Financial Playground was developed as a platform for learning and developing basic financial skills. from the intention to cultivate good financial behavior and practice financial discipline for the youngsters since childhood 

teaching style
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All content is learned through activities such as

Play-based Learning


inside a small classroom

about 15 people

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Led by one expert teacher

and 2-3 other assistant teachers

learning topic
The content of the Financial Playground course is divided into 2 parts.
Students can choose which part to study first.

Part A

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1. Let's get to know money a little.
To begin with, the children will know how close money is to us. And how can financial knowledge help us? 
2. Income and expenses are more important than you think.
What are the income and expenses? and how they are related. You will be able to differentiate between needs and needs.  Along with learning how to record income and expenses correctly as well.
3. Smart choose, smart buy
Learn how to buy and how to pay for the best value. You will analyze various factors. before making a purchase and choose to pay with the appropriate method
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4. What do you do with the rest of the money?
Students will learn how to save money appropriately, and know how to set financial goals. Then let's try to plan that. How to spend in order to achieve the set goals

Part B

1. Ours VS His
We will come to understand the matter of financial status. What are assets and liabilities? What are some interesting examples? What are good and bad debts?
2. Dream Business
Learn about the source of income One of them is running a business. The kids will be able to try a fun business together and see what it takes to have a “Business Mindset”!
3. Saving only... may not be enough
Investment What does it mean? how can i do it Our young investors get a simple return and risk analysis. Let's see who can make their own money grow more. 
4. How much money is enough?
Get to know proactive and passive income and "financial freedom" that many people may see as a distant thing. But anyone can start building financial freedom. Let's get started!


1 day workshop  

9.O.O.  - 15.3O  n.

  • FEB 6

  • MAR 6

  • APR 9

next round date


The Knowledge Exchange: KX

BTS Krungthonburi

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Private Group

Parents can group at least  1O people to arrange private classes on the desired date and time. You can contact us via Facebook Messenger or  Our Line Official Account

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