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Finance course for children aged 7-1O  year


Next Class : FEB 6

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Let's come together to build a strong financial foundation from childhood through a 1-day workshop that will make the children Get to know the importance of money Learn how to manage your own money. and try to make money through fun activities to make everyone "Use the money"

teaching style
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All content is learned through activities such as

Play-based Learning


inside a small classroom

about 15 people

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Led by one expert teacher

and 2-3 other assistant teachers

learning topic
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1. What is money?
Know the origin and form of money
What is the function of money and why is it valuable?
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2. Financial responsibility
What problems can irresponsible use of money cause? Show your children the importance of financial literacy.
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3. Planning for spending and saving
Practice planning your expenditures in proportion. Understand and know how to prioritize the needs before the needs and set your own savings goals
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4. Purchasing decisions
Know how to analyze important factors and find information to compare the various options for children to stop thinking every time before deciding to buy a product
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5. What are assets?
Let's understand the principles of assets. and know how to take care of their own things
Buy things that are beneficial to his financial position.


1 day workshop  

9.O.O.  - 15.3O  n.

  • FEB 6

  • MAR 6

  • APR 9

next round date


The Knowledge Exchange: KX

BTS Krungthonburi



  • MAY 12

  • JUN 15

เวิร์คช็อป 1 วัน 

9.OO - 15.3O น.


Sanctuary Studio Creative Space
สุขุมวิท 1O3

Apply for a course  Financial Sandbox at




Private Group

Parents can group at least  1O people to arrange private classes on the desired date and time. You can contact us via Facebook Messenger or  Our Line Official Account

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