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Business administration skills development course for children aged 12-15  year


Next Class : FEB 12-13

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Or entrepreneurship is important in building a successful business idea. Therefore, we intend to design activities to develop skills in Entrepreneurship including basic business administration To inspire and encourage youngsters to dare to think and dare to do business of their own dreams.



teaching style
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All content is learned through activities such as

Play-based Learning


Inside the classroom size is about 3O  person

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Directed teaching by a team of lecturers closely

At least 1 person per 5 children

learning topic
Break the Ice
Start with recreational activities to dissolve behaviors for the children and speakers to get to know each other first.
Talents Unite!
Divide groups and form your own company. In order to play activities based on teamwork training, children will learn strengths. Coworker's weakness and practice strategic planning to conquer various missions
Money Race
End your first day with a game show that tests your knowledge of business. through stories of exemplary figures and interesting case studies to inspire and laid the foundation for the next day.
Ideas Assemble!
Activities to create innovative business ideas through analyzing the needs or problems of customers on a daily basis
Fun Raising
when you get an idea The indispensable thing is the capital itself. Each company will be presented with ideas to raise funds from investors for the first time.
Trial and Error 1
when the capital is ready Children will be able to manage money for purchasing raw materials. and embarked on creating a prototype product
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Day 2
Trial and Error 2
prototype product launch Exchange learning with other companies Improve the prototype product to be more complete.
The Sims: Business Edition
got the product Let's manage the business and see which companies can grow.
In the most competitive business world
Joint Adventure
Every company has to work together on its mission. You'll learn how it can be helpful to form a business alliance. Practice skills for working in large organizations and planning in a broad perspective
Children will strengthen the relationship. and exchange contact information for the opportunity to help each other in the future
Post-Camp Reflection
Summarize the knowledge gained including returning to analyze their roles in activities throughout the camp to improve further development


  • FEB 12-13

  • APR 3O - MAY 1

Workshop 2  day  

Time 8.3O  - 16.3O  n.

next round date


The Knowledge Exchange: KX

BTS Krungthonburi

Apply for a course  Young Entrepreneur Camp  at




Private Group

Parents can group at least 12.  people to arrange private classes on the desired date and time. You can contact us via Facebook Messenger or  Our Line Official Account

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